Wisconsin Document Depository Program

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Program Background

The Wisconsin Document Depository Program, Wisconsin Statutes, Sections 35.81- 35.84 as amended by 1991 Wisconsin Act 285, requires Wisconsin state agencies to provide copies of their documents for distribution to designated depository libraries located throughout the state. The goal of the program is to preserve and make available a record of major state government programs and assure the availability of state documents published by state agencies for use by Wisconsin citizens now and in the future regardless of format.

The Wisconsin Digital Archives was established to create a way state agencies could continue to fulfill their statutory obligation to participate in the Wisconsin Document Depository Program with electronic documents. The Wisconsin Digital Archives provides full-text permanent access to electronic documents and web content in a searchable database.

Find out more about the historical background of the depository program and visit the directory and map to see a complete listing of designated depository libraries located throughout Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Digital Archives

Wisconsin Digital Archives: Search or browse a growing collection of electronic state documents available in full-text from all three branches of state government. Documents primarily cover 2001 to current.

Information for Libraries

Information for State Agencies

Program Participation

Under Sections 35.81-35.84 of the Wisconsin Statutes, as amended by 1991 Wisconsin Act 285, state agencies are required to actively participate in the Wisconsin Document Depository Program by providing either print or electronic documents to the program. Print documents are distributed to designated depository libraries throughout the state. Electronic documents are digitally archived and made accessible through the Wisconsin Digital Archives.

Click on the guidelines below for details regarding what types of documents and how many to send.

    Where To Send Print Copies

    Please use Inter-Departmental mail when available:

    Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning (RL&LL)
    Attn: Document Depository Program
    2109 South Stoughton Road
    Madison, WI 53716

    How to Submit Electronic Documents

    Submit electronic documents and/or web content that are new, significantly updated or revised, or scheduled to be removed from a state agency website for evaluation to be included in the Wisconsin Digital Archives.

    To send us a notification please:

    1. Send an email message to statedocuments@dpi.wi.gov, with
    2. Submit Electronic Document in the subject line
    3. Include publication title, publishing agency, and URL in the body of the message.

    * Due to limitations of digital preservation technology and collection development policies, not all content can be or will be digitally archived for inclusion in the Wisconsin Digital Archives.

    Shipping Lists

    Separate shipping lists are created for print and electronic documents on a monthly basis. A Wisconsin document classification number (WIDoc) is assigned to each title; OCLC numbers are also provided if available at the time of distribution.

    The Wisconsin Document Depository Program provides shipments of print documents only to designated Wisconsin Depository Libraries. However, lists of fully cataloged electronic documents are available to all libraries regardless of depository status. Electronic documents are available in WorldCat or WISCAT for download into local OPACs.

    If you have any questions regarding a depository shipment please contact Abby Swanton at Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning (RL&LL), 2109 South Stoughton Road, Madison, WI 53716. Abby can be reached at (608) 224-6174, toll-free at (888) 542-5543 and dial 0, or via email at abbigail.swanton@dpi.wi.gov

    If you have any questions regarding a Wisconsin document classification number please contact Eileen Snyder of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Library, 816 State Street, Madison, WI 53706 at (608) 264-6527 or eileen.snyder@wisconsinhistory.org

    Note: All shipping lists are in PDF format. To download Acrobat reader, click on the Acrobat Logo.

    2014 Index

    Print Document Lists

      Shipment 2014-06
    March 2014
    Shipment 2014-04
    February 2014
    Shipment 2014-02
    January 2014

    Electronic Document Lists

      Shipment 2014-05 Digital Archive
    March 2014
    Shipment 2014-03 Digital Archive
    February 2014
    Shipment 2014-01 Digital Archive
    January 2014


    2013 Index

    Print Document Lists

      Shipment 2013-20
    November 2013
    Shipment 2013-18
    October 2013
    Shipment 2013-16
    September 2013
    Shipment 2013-14
    August 2013
    Shipment 2013-12
    July 2013
    Shipment 2013-11
    June 2013
    Shipment 2013-10
    May 2013
    Shipment 2013-08
    April 2013
    Shipment 2013-06
    March 2013
    Shipment 2013-04
    February 2013
    Shipment 2013-02
    January 2013

    Electronic Document Lists

        Shipment 2013-21 Digital Archive
    November-December 2013
    Shipment 2013-19 Digital Archive
    October 2013
    Shipment 2013-17 Digital Archive
    September 2013
    Shipment 2013-15 Digital Archive
    August 2013
    Shipment 2013-13 Digital Archive
    July 2013
    Shipment 2013-09 Digital Archive
    June 2013
    Shipment 2013-07 Digital Archive
    April 2013
    Shipment 2013-05 Digital Archive
    March 2013
    Shipment 2013-03 Digital Archive
    February 2013
    Shipment 2013-01 Digital Archive
    January 2013



    DISCLAIMER: Older shipping lists are posted to serve as a record of items distributed in depository shipments and their call numbers. Broken links to electronic publications no longer available on the web are not removed.



    Depository Library Directory: Locate a depository library near you! Wisconsin citizens have walk-in access to state documents by visiting designated depository libraries located throughout the state (lending policies vary by library).





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